Utilizing Liquid-based Haptic for Multiple
Tactile Sensation in Immersive Virtual Reality

What is LiquidMask ?

We present LiquidMask, a liquid-based haptic device that can simultaneously produce thermal changes and vibration responses by filling liquid into the mask. To demonstrate our equipment, we also design a diving game to show the utility of LiquidMask.



Thermal Feedback

The underwater world shows on the screen. The temperature of water in the mask starts to turn cold from the original state of room temperature gradually.

Pressure Feedback

When diving deeper and deeper, the pressure of water in the tube increased little by little. The ocean current flows through, bringing the water with a higher temperature at the bottom of the ocean. The temperature of water in the mask goes up.

Vibration Feedback

Schools of fish pass by. Use the valves to pressurize the water and generate impulses in the mask in order to simulate underwater haptic feedback.

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